For buyers and sellers, as well as tenants and owners, we provide quality real estate agency services for your Paris apartment or any property in France:

Tenant/Buyer Advisory Services - Advising tenant and buyers with lease or purchase agreement negotiations for their project whether it is for an apartment rental in Paris or an apartment for sale in Paris. All while leveraging the market and following an experienced, diligent negotiation process that saves time, money and keeps our client focused on their core business.

Landlord/Seller Advisory Services - Our goal is to serve as the owner’s advisor to maximize the potential income, the operational prospective and market value of your Paris apartment. These services leverage an experienced, collaborative marketing process - maximizing an apartment's exposure to prospective tenants and buyers for any apartments rental or apartments for sale in Paris. Additionally we provide overall portfolio and lease negotiation management that balances a short-term strategy with big picture, long-term goals for any apartments in Paris as well as in the French Riviera.

Researching - We monitor and report on a wide range of economic and real estate indicators. We are juridically well informed with the French administration about new laws on the Paris real estate market. This specialized research is combined with the expertise of our agents and our partners to help our clients develop the right investment strategy. By constantly looking for an apartment for sale in Paris on behalf of our clients in central Paris locations, this also help us to know better and closer the Paris real estate market so we can estimate at the Paris apartment at the right price.

Property management - We are managing all the day-to-day management of your investment property in Paris. We pride ourselves on our ability to manage apartments so that they meet the owner’s exact expectations. We provide our opinions based off our experience in the real estate business in Paris to help the owner’s ideas of how the apartment should be operated, creating a collaborative working relationship that inevitably filters into our management plan and to the activity at the Paris apartment itself.

Furnishing Apartments - We can advise you or help you furnish your Paris apartment to meet the Paris apartments rentals standards. Our professional team works within reasonable budgets with luxury designed suppliers in order to insure quality without compromise on your project. Also, investing in some well decorated and designed furnished Paris apartments will help you to increase the value of your property. We give some tips on decorations and new design ideas through our social medias.

Social media and marketing - We are using social networking sites to attract home buyers/tenants as well as people who want to sell their homes. You can check our social media sources such as facebook, pinterest, and twitter. Building a social media presence can lead to more prospective clients finding your apartment and either listing their home with our agency or purchasing a home we represent. Social networks can serve as a venue for enhancing property listings with high quality photos and comments as well as a real-time way to interact with potential customers who may have questions. We are also using different French real estate portals as well as real estate portals abroad that have an interest on the French luxury real estate market. We also promotes our Paris apartments rentals and Paris apartments for sale in some very well-know magazines in France, Europe, the United States as well as Russia and Honk Kong and Singapore.

Others - For our clients we can provide short term stay in Paris while looking for a long term Paris apartment or while looking for an apartment for sale in Paris. We can assist our client to recommend some quality and reliable company for any work or renovation in the apartment. We are often in contact with reliable locksmith, plumber and electrician to help you have the best service quality without the feeling being over price. We do also provide extra services and personal assistance by helping our clients with translations with the French administration, notaire or the home owner association, helping on setting up a phone, TV or internet membership at the local provider, helping on setting up an account at the French electricity provider and on setting up a bank account in Paris. Visiting Paris and some apartments rentals or apartments for sale in Paris can be exhausting, therefore we can also arrange some private transportation in Paris, Door-To-Door airport pick up transfer in Paris to save you time, but as well as some leisure programs, museum passes, restaurants reservations for group and special events.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us we will be happy to assist you in your project

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