17th Arrondissement

The Seventeenth arrondissement is located on the Rive Droite (Right Bank) of Paris. It is a large, green, and open arrondissement that stretches between l’Arc de Triomphe and l’avenue de la Grande-Armée in the west and l’avenue de Saint-Ouen in the east. It is split up into four different neighborhoods, two of which (Ternes and Monceau) are prestigious, while the other two (Batignolles and Épinettes) are currently gaining in prominence. These neighborhoods create a diverse environment for Paris apartments in the Seventeenth.

The southwestern portion of the Seventeenth is made up of the bourgeois Ternes and Monceau neighborhoods. These two neighborhoods, with their Haussmannian streets and buildings, are wonderful locations for Paris luxury apartments. They have wide and sweeping avenues and boulevards that are often tree lined. The Monceau neighborhood also has the privilege to run along the Eighth arrondissement’s parc de Monceau. This gives residents of Paris apartments in the Monceau neighborhood the chance to spend beautiful days among the parc de Monceau’s architectural ‘follies’, which include a Dutch windmill, an Egyptian pyramid, Corinthian pillars, and a Chinese fort. The park also has a relaxing pond of water lilies, not to mention several commemorative statues of French musicians and writers sprinkle the park as well. Riches, such as the parc de Monceau, make the Ternes and Monceau neighborhoods great locations for upscale Paris apartments.

The Batignolles and Épinettes neighborhoods, on the other hand, are better locations for people who want a Paris apartment in a neighborhood that is evolving. Both of these neighborhoods are distinctly different from most of Paris, owing to the fact that the two were previously a separate town from Paris. Historically, this town was the home of the groupe des Batignolles artists. The group, including Édouard Manet, would come to immortalize the area in their works. Today, the Batignolles neighborhood is trendy and in the stages of gentrification. In addition to the lovely Square des Batignolles park, with its expansive lawns and large variety of vegetation, the neighborhood is in the midst of transforming and enlarging the Martin Luther King garden. Unsurprisingly, the Épinettes neighborhood is very similar to the Batignolles neighborhood. It includes the Cité des Fleurs, which is a house and garden lined pedestrian street from the nineteenth century. The neighborhood also includes the Square des Épinettes garden. These two places and their surrounding areas are wonderful locations for Paris apartments in motion.

The Seventeenth, beyond picturesque neighborhoods, also has museums and the Palais des Congrès. Principal among the Seventeenth’s museums is the Musée national Jean-Jacques Henner. This museum occupies an amazing mansion and is dedicated to the works of Henner. Many of the museum’s artworks are accompanied by contemporary critiques, which is a novel departure from the presentation of most art museums. The other major attraction to the Seventeenth is the Palais des Congrès exhibition hall with the adjoining Hôtel Concorde Lafayette. It is here that many of Paris’ fantastic conventions can be enjoyed. Not only are there conventions to enjoy, though, but also a number of shops and restaurants. These attractions make the Seventeenth an ideal location for a Paris apartment.

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