15th Arrondissement

The Fifteenth arrondissement is located on the Rive Gauche (Left Bank) of Paris. It is an interesting arrondissement, with a mix of modern high rise buildings and traditional Parisian buildings. It is home to both the Tour Montparnasse and the Front de Seine district, which is more commonly known as Beaugrenelle. It is also in the Fifteenth that many of Paris’ trade shows occur. Paris apartments in the Fifteenth are unique in that they are mixed in with tradition and modernity.
Paris apartments within the Fifteenth are near the Tour Maine-Montparnasse. This Parisian oddity is the tallest skyscraper in Paris. Since its construction, it has been one of the largest sources of Parisian controversy, as it sticks out so starkly from the rest of the flat Parisian skyline. While there is no doubt that the Tour Montparnasse would seem to be a better fit for Manhattan than Paris, acceptance is settling in. Parisians, after all, were no big fans of the Eiffel Tower at its inception either, and yet have grown to love her. Whether or not one appreciates the aesthetics of the tower should have no effect on appreciating the views from the terrace of the tower’s top floor. On a clear day the terrace even affords views of airplanes lifting off and landing at Charles de Gaulle International Airport. Three floors down from the terrace is also a restaurant from which excellent food can be enjoyed while taking in the views. The Tour Montparnasse truly gives Paris apartments in the Fifteenth a unique experience.

At the feet of the Tour Montparnasse is the Gare Montparnasse railway station. This railway station gives Paris apartments in the Fifteenth quick access to Western and Southwestern France via the famous French high-speed trains, the TGV. This makes Paris apartments in the Fifteenth a great location from which to visit the Bordeaux wine country or go to the French Atlantic coast. It is also possible to debark from Montparnasse to Spain and Portugal. Trips to these two countries are especially wonderfully during the late fall and early spring when the sunshine has yet to heat up Paris.

The Fifteenth’s riverfront is the location of the Beaugrenelle neighborhood. This neighborhood has a collection of high-rise buildings, which serve as an assortment of residencies and offices. Paris apartments in this area, especially those on the higher floors of the nearly two dozen high-rises, have magnificent views over the Seine, and of course Paris. This area, like Montparnasse, also has some great shopping.

Paris apartments in the Fifteenth are also conveniently located by the convention hall at the Porte de Versailles. This convention hall can’t fail to attract any taste at some point during the year with its constant flow of shows. These shows vary from the famous Paris fashion shows to the Paris auto show.

Finally, Paris apartments in the Fifteenth are also privy to a few museums. Two of the more prominent are the Musée Pasteur and the Musée Bourdelle. The first of these two follows the scientific career of Louis Pasteur, who famously pasteurized milk. The second museum showcases over 500 sculptures, including works by Eugène Delacrois, Adolphe Joseph Thomas Monticelli, and Auguste Rodin. This museum makes the Fifteenth the perfect location for a sculpture aficionado’s Paris apartment.

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