14th Arrondissement

The Fourteenth arrondissement lies on the Rive Gauche (Left Bank) of Paris. It is mostly known for the Montparnasse neighborhood, which it shares with the Sixth and Fifteenth. Within the Fourteenth’s portion of the Montparnasse neighborhood is the famous Cimetière du Montparnasse. On a similar note as the cemetery, the Fourteenth also contain the Paris Catacombs museum. Such attractions make the Fourteenth a unique experience.

Paris apartments in the Fourteenth are either in or near the Montparnasse neighborhood. This neighborhood had a gritty start but flowered beautifully with time. In the seventeenth century it was a gathering place for students and striving poets. By the early twentieth century it was attracting huge numbers of aspiring artists from around the world with its low rent artist communes. It was these conditions that fostered the creativity of artists such as Pablo Picasso, Max Ernst, Ernest Hemingway, and Salvador Dali. Today it is a thriving area, known for its bars, cafés, restaurants, and shops, some of which can trace their history back to the time of those now famous artists and writers. The Fourteenth, with its Montparnasse neighborhood, is the perfect location for a lively Paris apartment.

The Montparnasse neighborhood is also the location of the Cimetière du Montparnasse. This cemetery, along with Pére Lachaise, is well known for the intellectuals and artists that are interred there. Indeed it’s the tombs of the likes of Charles Baudelaire, Simone de Beauvoir, Alfred Dreyfus, Serge Gainsbourg, Guy de Maupassant, etc. that makes the cemetery well visited by Parisians and tourists alike. This cemetery makes Paris apartments in the Fourteenth within a short walk from the resting place of France’s artistic and intellectual masters of the previous three centuries.

Paris apartments in the Fourteenth also have the Paris Catacombs nearby. These Catacombs, which are open to the public, serve as the final resting place for millions of anonymous Parisians. How is it that former stone mines, though, were converted into mass graves? The answer, as disgusting as it is, is that Paris’ cemeteries for centuries were overflowing with corpses, literally. The solution to this problem was to fill up the already existing and unused stone mines. This has left Paris, today, with an eerie and interesting attraction, where visitors are able to view caverns with walls constructed of bones and skulls that reach the ceiling. A visit from a Paris apartment in the Fourteenth to the Catacombs is truly unforgettable.

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