12th Arrondissement

The Twelfth arrondissement is located on the Rive Droite (Right Bank) of Paris. It is one of the more prominent arrondissements on Paris in respect to parks and gardens. The Twelfth is also a Parisian center of the performing arts, concerts, and sports. Indeed, the Twelfth hosts numerous events around the year that draw people in the thousands. Why travel to the Twelfth for these events, though, when a luxury Paris apartment is available?

The Twelfth, as a location for Paris apartments, is indisputably a great location for park and garden lovers. And how could it not be with the Bois de Vincennes, Parc de Bercy, and the Promenade Plantée? In fact, if the Twelfth had no greenery other than the Bois de Vincennes it would still be a captivating area for park enthusiasts. This should be no surprise when considering the size of the Bois de Vincennes (9.9km2/3.8sq. miles) which could easily swallow Hyde Park or even Central Park. Beyond its sheer size, the Bois owes much of its beauty to its English garden style, which gives it a natural feel with its slopes and lakes. Like many of the Paris region’s parks, the Bois was once a hunting ground of the monarchy. For a more tamed experience, though, residents of the Twelfth enjoy their time at the Parc de Bercy and the Promenade Plantée. The first of these two parks can actually be considered three in one, as it is made up of three different gardens, each with their own personality. One of these, the ‘Flowerbeds’, truly comes to life in the spring and summer when it flowers. There is also the ‘Romantic Garden’, which has a completely soothing character to it with its fishponds. For walks, however, it is best to make it over to the Promenade Plantée. This park, as its name suggests, follows a pathway that is lined with trees, plants and flowers. With all of these parks and green spaces, Paris apartments in the Twelfth have a touch of nature to them.

Paris apartments in the Twelfth are also privy to a number of shows, concerts, and events. For fans of more classical performances there is the Opéra Bastille near the edge of the Place de la Bastille. This opera, with its modern imporvements, was built to replace the Palais Garnier as the center of Parisian operas (the Palais Garnier is still home of Parisian ballet). It was also built with the idea of allowing broader access to the people. In fact, with this thought in mind, it was designed to give every seat an unobstructed view of the stage. For those with a more modern taste, the Twelfth offers numerous concerts, shows and events at the Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy. This indoor arena is able to seat thousands at any one of its events, which includes the Paris Masters ATP Tour tennis tournament. Bercy is also well worth visiting for its design. Bercy is quite likely the only pyramid in the world covered in lawns. With all of the events taking place in the Twelfth, there is little doubt that its Paris apartments are likely to entertain.

The Twelfth also has a point of special interest to Americans. That place is the Cimetière de Picpus (Picpus Cemetery), and it is the site of the Marquis de Lafayette’s tomb. His contributions to the American Revolution, even the idea of American freedom, created and fostered the first amicable relation between America and France. It was him who made France America’s first friend and ally. This, of course, is a relation that has survived to this day. The longevity and presence of it can be seen at the Marquis’ tomb, which is adorned with an American flag, soil from Bunker Hill, and is visited daily by Americans. This also gives Paris apartments in the Twelfth a special connection to America.

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