11th Arrondissement

The Eleventh arrondissement is located on the Rive Droite (Right Bank) of Paris. It begins in the west with a beautiful square and ends in the east with another square, both of which have symbolic meaning to France. These two squares, and the network of streets between them, make the Eleventh a splendid place for Paris apartments.

Paris apartments near the west end of the Eleventh cannot be far from the Place de la République. This square was originally constructed in the early 1800s, but did not take its current form until the great Haussmannian renovation of Paris in the second half of the century. It was at that time that it became a square dedicated to the French Republic and adorned with magnificent edifices. Today, at its center lies a monumental statue representing the Republic.

On the other end of the Eleventh lies the Place de la Bastille. This square is named after the prison fortress that once stood in its place. This was, of course, the famed prison that was stormed on July 14th, 1789 at the beginning of the French Revolution. Shortly after the razing of the Bastille fortress the area was transformed into a square. That square, however, would not be home to today’s Colonne de Juillet (July Column) until 1840. The Column is marked with the names of French citizens who died during the 1830 French Revolution, and is tipped with a symbolic golden statue that represents civilization breaking free from tyranny. Not only is the square beautiful, though, but it is also home to several popular cafés, restaurants, bars, and clubs. With everything that this square has to offer, it’s no wonder why the Paris apartments around it are so highly sought out.

Off of the Place de la Bastille is the Boulevard Richard-Lenoir, which is another beautiful location for Paris apartments. The Boulevard itself is tree lined, and hosts a weekly art market, as well as one of Paris’ largest fruit and vegetable markets. The beautiful width of the Boulevard makes it plain to see that it is one of Haussmann’s classics.

Paris apartments in the Eleventh are also blessed with l’Église Saint-Ambroise and the Cirque d’hiver. The Church of Saint-Ambroise was built in the 1860s with the intent to impress with its magnificent towers. Before the church is also a quaint park with a statue dedicated to the charity of the church. The Cirque d’hiver, on the other hand, has been a staging ground for concerts, circuses, dressage events, fashion shows, and other events. In fact, the variety of events that take place at the Cirque d’hiver make it a draw to all tastes. It is these sorts of qualities that draw people to Paris apartments in the Eleventh.

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