9th Arrondissement

The Ninth Arrondissement is located on the Rive Droite (Right Bank) of Paris. It is the location of numerous cultural attractions, including several performing arts halls. The Ninth is also known for its plethora of shops, including two department stores. The Ninth also contains several museums. The Ninth with its variety is an attractive area for a Paris apartment.

A Paris apartment in the Ninth will more than please performing arts enthusiasts. This is in large part thanks to the Palais Garnier, which is better known as l’Opéra de Paris. The Opéra’s name, however, is deceptive, as most of its productions are actually ballets. The occasional opera, especially classical ones, do play at the Opéra though. The Palais itself is also extremely aesthetically pleasing with its statues and columns. For a larger variety of performances there is the Folies Bergère music hall. In this locale ballets, musicals, dance performances, and concerts can be enjoyed. The Olympia music hall is also found in the Ninth. This music hall, unlike the Folies Bergère, serves mostly as a concert hall. With such a wealth of performing arts venues it is clear that the Ninth is a great location for Paris apartments.

A Paris apartment in the Ninth is ideal for shopaholics. Just behind the Palais Garnier are the department stores Galeries Lafayette and Printemps. Both of these department stores opened up at the turn of the 19th century. By 1912 the Galeries Lafayette included many of the Art Nouveau designs that it showcases today, such as the steel dome and staircases. On the other hand, the Printemps department store only gained much of its art nouveau style in the 1920s after a fire caused a full reconstruction. One of the Printemps’ most notable art nouveau features is its cupola. The architectural beauty of these two department stores makes any shopping experience in them special. Both department stores are also colossal in size, with infinite numbers of the most recent and fashionable collections. Even if the Ninth were void of any other stores, the presence of these two department stores would still make the Ninth a perfect location for a shopaholic’s Paris apartment.

The Ninth’s sprinkling of museums guarantees it to be an engaging area for a Paris apartment. For those captivated by the Opéra, the Palais Garnier also contains the Bibliothèque-Musée de l’Opéra National de Paris. The library portion of this museum contains the archives of the Opéra’s productions, while the museum portion follows the three centuries of the Paris Opera through displays of costumes, scale models, paintings, and drawings. Not far from the Opera, on the boulevard Montmartre is the Musée Grévin, which displays works of wax. A large portion of the wax figures follow French history from Charlemagne to the present. The wax statues on display are also regularly updated, and include the likes of actors, athletes and politicians. The Ninth also has more classical museums, such as the Musée national Gustave Moreau. This museum, which was once the artist’s home, contains a large collection of his paintings, as well as other sculptures, watercolors and drawings.

The Ninth is also well known for its night life. This reputation comes in large part from the Pigalle neighborhood which straddles the Ninth and Eighteenth. Indeed, Pigalle is known in Paris for its slightly raunchy atmosphere, which is in large part due to the neighborhoods cabaret shows and sex shops. This neighborhood is…entertaining to say the least, and is the perfect setting for a wilder Paris apartment.

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