4th Arrondissement

The Fourth Arrondissement is mainly located on the Rive Droite (Right Bank) of Paris, but it also includes the two islands of Paris (l’Île de la Cité and l’Île Saint-Louis). It is noted for its numerous places of interest, which makes it an attractive area for those searching for a Paris apartment. This includes not only a large number of national landmarks, but also the livelier portion of the Marais, which it shares with the Third. It is also home to numerous shops, restaurants and cafés.
The Fourth is a paradise for people looking for a Paris apartment at the very heart of Paris. Indeed, l’Île de la Cité is the very spot from which the city grew outwards from. Not only was this island home to the original inhabitants of the area, but it also came to be the site of Notre Dame de Paris. This breathtaking work of French Gothic architecture needs no introduction, as it is undoubtedly the most famous church on the planet. Facing the church is also a magnificent square, which is populated by a statue of Charlemagne and tourists. Beautiful days also draw in Parisians to the nearby gardens and les quais (the river banks) where they picnic and enjoy the sun. Having a Paris apartment on or near l’Île de la Cité makes nothing easier then enjoying that very Parisian pleasure of picnics along the Seine.

L’Île Saint-Louis, which almost touches l’Île de la Cité, may just be the perfect place for a Paris apartment. It was developed during the 17th century reigns of Henri IV and Louis XIII, and since then has had narrow streets. Those narrow streets have prevented the island from having any two-way traffic. This in conjunction with the island being served by only two bus stations has created an oasis of calm within the bustle of Paris. In fact the island has remained virtually residential, although there do exist several fine restaurants. Anyone particularly fond of ice cream will find that L’Île Saint-Louis, with its world famous Berthillon ice cream shop, is the perfect place to have a Paris apartment. There truly are very few things that match a scoop of Berthillon for dessert.

Just across the northern bridges of the two islands, on the right bank, lies the rest of the Fourth, which is no less spectacular than the islands themselves. Residents of Paris apartments there find themselves next door to l’Hôtel de Ville, which is Paris’ city hall. Not only is the building itself a beautiful display of architecture, but it also faces a square which hosts numerous events throughout the year. This includes an open air ice skating rink during the winter months. A short walk from there is the French Gothic Tour Saint-Jacques. The tower is surrounded by a small, but beautiful, park.

A Paris apartment in the Fourth is also perfect for those looking for a nearby shopping experience. In this respect, the main attraction is the Bazar de l’Hôtel de Ville department store, which is colloquially known as BHV. BHV in concert with the infinite number of boutiques of the Fourth, especially those found around the Marais, make it unlikely that any taste isn’t catered to.

Finally, the Fourth is the perfect locale for anyone looking to have a Paris apartment in a lively area of the city. This is especially true of the portion of the Marais that is found in the Fourth. As lively as the cafés and restaurants are during the day, the area truly shows its colors during the evenings when the restaurants, bars and clubs become festive.

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