2nd Arrondissement

The 2nd Arrondissement of Paris is located on the Rive Droite (Right Bank) of Paris, near the heart of the city. Along with the surrounding 8th and 9th arrondissements, it is home to one of Paris’ largest and most thriving business and financial centers, the very center of which is the former site of La Bourse (the Paris Stock Exchange). Unsurprisingly, the Second is also home to numerous banking sites. What is surprising, however, is that the Second was also previously home to Paris’ textile industry, including leather tanneries, in the Sentier neighborhood. This industry had previously produced a terrible stench around Sentier. Fortunately, the smell disappeared when the textile industry moved outside of the city. The end of that smell produced an influx of affluent Parisians looking for a centrally located Paris apartment. This movement marked the rebirth of Sentier as a chic and affluent neighborhood.

The Second is a superb arrondissement for those looking for a Paris apartment in an area rich in commercial history. This is because the Second is noted as the birth place of Paris’ commercial arcades. These covered malls were a response to Paris’ otherwise muddy and dark streets of the 19th century. The arcades also had the distinction of containing apartments that were found above the shops. Residents of the arcades were some of the first Parisians to have the luxury of living on a dry and lit ‘street’. As Paris’ streets became paved and illuminated by light, however, the commercial arcades began to diminish in number. Today only a dozen survive, including the original Passage des Panoramas. Another of the survivors, the Galerie Colbert, is an oddity, in that it contains no shops. On the other hand it contains a magnificent rotunda that is well worth visiting on a sunny day. After a walk through the Galerie’s magnificent interior it is well worth dining at the adjacent Le Grand Colbert brasserie. A Paris apartment in the Second is definitely a great place from which to explore the passage of time in Paris.

The richness of the Second extends to the fine arts with its numerous Opera houses and theaters, making it a delightful place for theater lovers to obtain a Paris apartment. Place Boïeldieu is home to the Opéra-Comique , which performs 7 to 8 operas a season out of the beautiful Salle Favart. Next to the arcade Passage Choiseul there is also the Théâtre des Bouffes-Parisiens, which performs comedies along with operettas. Finally there is also the Théâtre des Variétés on the Boulevard Montmartre, near the Passage des Panoramas. This theater, along with the Passage des Panoramas, also has the distinction of having been featured in Émile Zola’s Nana. Imagine having a Paris apartment in a setting worthy of Émile Zola’s attention.

Sales & locations in this district

  • Renting
    Apartment - Paris II
    20 m²

    République - GRANDS BOULEVARDS. Beautiful studio all furnished of 20 sq.m, fully renovated, 5th floor without elevator. Metro station: Réaumur

  • Buying
    Duplex - Paris II
    1195000 €
    115 m²

    GRANDS BOULEVARDS. Duplex of 120 sq.m, 1st floor with elevator, rue Saint Fiacre.
    2 bedroom, equipped kitchen, bathroom and WC.