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  • The real estate market trends in Paris
    2015 April

    The trend since January 2015 has been confirmed today: the real estate market is currently in a recession.
    The prices have dropped so much that the average price per square meter has reached a historic drop, passing below the threshold of € 8,000 per square meter! An ideal situation for buyers.

  • Even Paris has its price, but what is it?
    2013 October

    Shocked by the exorbitant prices of property in Paris? Well what about the value of the entire City of Light - every studio, apartment, Haussmann building, and chic store combined? A historian and a real estate expert have managed to come up with a figure.

  • Role of the notaire
    2013 July

    Notaires are there to advise you. They are legal specialists with a public authority assignment who draw up authenticated contracts on behalf of their clients and ensure that transactions of properties for sale in Paris are secure.

  • Most expensive metro stations for real estate
    2013 April

    Metro stations where the real estate price is the most expensive for buy an apartment in Paris.

  • Large Property Investment Deals Boost French Real Estate Market
    2013 March

    Large-scale property investment deals made a significant contribution to the increased number of transactions seen in the French real estate market during 2012, PropertyWire reported on February 15th, citing data released by international property advisor Savills.

  • Historic low interest rates in France means better mortgage deal for buyers
    2012 July

    French interest rates have hit historic lows meaning that people wanting to buy in France can now secure cheap fixed rate deals.