Fractional ownership in Paris

Living in Paris is a dream that many of us share. For some of us it has manifested itself from the romantic ideas and experiences of our youth, for others it may be the desire to transform a beautiful vacation into something more. Either way, the joys of living in Paris are infinite. The dream of owning a Paris apartment, unfortunately, is out of most of our reaches. The real-estate market is just too expensive for anyone who is unable to live in Paris throughout the year, or is uninterested in becoming an hotelier. But the dream still lives and has fueled the creation of short term Paris apartment rentals and time shares.

As convenient as these two forms of staying in Paris are though, they still have their shortcomings. Short term Paris rentals, for one, are difficult to rebook without incredible foresight, making it difficult to guarantee a similar experience with every trip. There is, however, a new possibility on the rise -fractional ownership- which is gaining in popularity as people realize its benefits. Fractional ownership is the doorway for Francophiles to co-own a Paris luxury apartment. What is fractional ownership, however? In essence, it is the co-purchase of a Paris apartment by a group of like-minded investors. This gives the investor many of the advantages of owning a Paris apartment at a fraction of the true cost.

The advantages of fractional ownership are far from exclusive to the financial realm. After all, the intention of fractional ownership is to allow multiple investors to obtain a home away from home. How can a true feeling of home be created though when multiple investors are involved? For one, investors are privy to sole tenancy during their allotted time frames. This means that investors need not worry about cohabitation. Investors are also allowed a degree of input into the interior design of the Parisian apartment which they fractionally own. Furthermore, each investor is allotted a secured storage space. This allows for the safe keeping of possessions that can quickly add a personal touch to the Paris apartment. The storage of personals also has the added benefit of enabling the investor to travel to Paris lightly.

Fractional ownership is also a hassle free home away from home. Investors can rest assured that they will waste little effort in keeping and maintaining a pristine Parisian luxury apartment. This is achieved through a management system that is operated in-house by the management company, which guarantees a well-kept and clean apartment. Through this system, the investor will also avoid having to maintain utility and service contracts, or even having to make calls to customer service lines, in a foreign language. Instead, the investor will always arrive to his/her luxury Paris apartment fully confident of a nuisance free stay. Fractional ownership is typically accomplished through a legal entity. The legal entity, although registered in France, will most commonly be American, and as such be subject to American laws and regulations. This guarantees a familiar and easily accessible legal framework to work within. The acquisition of the apartment via a legal entity also allows for investor mobility while avoiding costly and time consuming local real-estate property transfers. Ownership is managed through a share system. In this way investors may purchase the amount of shares that best fits them.

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