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A1 News

2015 Apr - The real estate market trends in Paris

The trend since January 2015 has been confirmed today: the real estate market is currently in a recession.
The prices have dropped so much that the average price per square meter has reached a historic drop, passing below the threshold of € 8,000 per square meter! An ideal situation for buyers.

2013 Oct - Even Paris has its price, but what is it?

Shocked by the exorbitant prices of property in Paris? Well what about the value of the entire City of Light - every studio, apartment, Haussmann building, and chic store combined? A historian and a real estate expert have managed to come up with a figure.

2013 Jul - Role of the notaire

Notaires are there to advise you. They are legal specialists with a public authority assignment who draw up authenticated contracts on behalf of their clients and ensure that transactions of properties for sale in Paris are secure.